5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Google Forms for Quizzes in Your Classroom

I don’t know what I would do without google forms! I have 150+ students this year and I’m teaching three different subjects. Google form quizzes have saved me! I recently made a google form quiz template that I will share with you at the end of this blog. Here are the reasons I love google forms for quizzes:

  1. TIME SAVER – Yes, you have to spend time making the quiz upfront, but the time you save on not grading the quiz is so worth it. I love that the quiz grades itself. You can even send students their results by email. You can share a copy of the quiz with other teachers. They can take the copy you give them and edit the quiz to work for their classroom. It would be great to alternate with a fellow teacher on making the quizzes. Again…big time saver! Once you have made your quiz, it automatically saves in your google drive. Now you have it for next year!
  2. ANALYTICS – When the students are finished taking the quiz, you can view the data! At the top of the google quiz, there is a tab for responses. In the response tab, you can view the summary, individual questions or individual students. You can’t get this from your paper assessments! Well, you can if you feel like spending a million hours figuring it all out! The data is very helpful! The picture below shows some data from one of my recent Algebra II tests. Take note of the most missed question! I love that I get to see what the students struggled with the most. This helps me with planning.goo2
  3. TEACHER ERROR – Do you ever make mistakes? I do! If you make a mistake on the quiz, just go fix it. If the students have already taken the quiz and you made a mistake and forgot to mark an answer in the answer key, then fix it. The google form will automatically make updates to the grades for each student. There are many times when my first period class will notice a grammatical error. I’ll fix it before the next class. It updates and saves automatically.
  4. GOOD FOR SUBS – When I know I’m going to be gone, I love to plan a quiz. No papers to copy, grades will be automatically generated and the sub really doesn’t have to do anything but keep an eye on the students! I hate being absent because it seems like it’s more work than it’s worth. Now I can take a mental health day and feel good about what the students have done while I’m gone.
  5. SIGN OF THE TIMES – We can’t hide from technology. I’ve been teaching for 32 years and I want to be up on what’s out there! Some teachers don’t want to mess with google forms because they feel like it will be too complicated. It is not complicated! Dive in! You can handle it. It just takes practice. I’m leaving you with a quiz template. Make it  your own. You will love it once you’ve become familiar with it.

*You will need a gmail account to create a google form.

Google Form Quiz Template

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