Real-Life Exponential Functions

Exponential functions are right around the corner for my math classes. I always look forward to this time of year. The best part about exponential functions is the real-life aspect. Students are more interested if they can make a connection. Draw your students in and they will enjoy this topic without realizing how much they are learning.

One of the first real-life examples that I can think of right now, is COVID-19. Remember when the saying was, “Flatten the curve?” What an interesting thing to talk about with students. A flatter curve means what? A steeper curve means what? What a great thing to talk about!

Here’s a great research letter I found on the CDC website. This has some wonderful references to “doubling time”. The research brings in some formulas and if you look at some of the appendices, it gets pretty technical, but it is fascinating.

The Coronavirus is a topic that I’m sure will get the attention of your students. Another topic that students may not be as familiar, but it is definitely worth mentioning is the stock market. Let your students read this article from Forbes. They may not think the stock market is very exciting, but after reading this article, it might spark some students to consider how they can one day invest in stocks.

A really fun exponential growth activities is the paper folding activity. I’m sure most math teachers have used this when teaching exponential functions. I love that Myth Busters tried to fold a giant piece of paper to see how many times they could fold it. Check out this video below:

We’ve been focused on exponential growth, but what about decay? Carbon dating is a topic that is also fascinating. This article can help students and teachers alike to understand carbon dating a little better: What is Carbon Dating? This might help students understand how scientist can estimate the age of an object. Below is a nice video that explains carbon 14 and half-life.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know how much I love exponential functions. I’m always on the lookout to learn more and find interesting things for my students to do. Below, you’ll find some of my resources that I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ve got all kinds of exponential function activities to keep your students busy and interested. Go take a look and I hope that you will want to follow my store and join my email list!


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