Exponential Functions Activity

Slide1Exponential Functions Activity

This was my very first resource that I put on TpT. I love this activity. (I made a version for digital learning too!) Students have fun making a poster and using multiple representations. They are given several exponential scenarios to choose from such as a basketball bracket, a cockroach infestation, a zombie takeover, friendship bread, chain letters and more. Here’s a sample poster of a football stadium after a game has ended:


After students look at their choices, they may come up with their own situation. This is what differentiation is all about…students making decisions based on interests!

When I was getting my masters, we were encouraged to study exponentials in depth. This opened my eyes to all types of situations that are out there. I was inspired to create Exponential Functions: 6 Stations. Look at the titles of the stations below. Have you ever played Tower of Hanoi? There are free phone apps and online math sites that have this interactive game. Click here to see what I’m talking about! The number of discs and the least number of moves to get all the discs to tower 3 is an exponential function! How cool is that! Kids love games, so when you introduce this they will want to play for hours. Some of my buyers have turned these stations into other activities. After you see them all, you can decide for yourself how it works best for your room. These are not quick stations, they are more like math centers!


I still was not finished creating exponential resources. I couldn’t get enough! I wanted a unit! I wanted that unit to be about multiple reps and I wanted it to include transformations, compound interest and compound interest where the compounding is continuous which would bring in the constant e. I wanted another data collecting activity because there needs to be practice writing exponential functions. At the end of the unit, I wanted an assessment. I believe in differentiation, so I created 5 assessments that cover the same thing but with different difficulty levels. The assessments are a part of my unit in my TpT store, but I also sell them separately. The unit also contains warm ups and cool downs.

I make the unit a booklet and let the students work through it at their own pace. There are a few places in the unit, when the teacher needs to stop the class and have some discussions, but for the most part, the students can work through this on their own. Once they’ve made it through the booklet, we trade and grade. Students will know exponential functions forwards and backwards by the time they are finished with this unit.

Here are the links to my Exponential Functions Unit and my Exponential Functions Bundle (which saves you money and has all the resources in it plus 20 task cards),  but I’d like to leave you with a freebie. This is an exponential activity that I have done over the years. It’s fun, interactive and tasty! Enjoy!

Recently, I needed a digital version, because I was teaching my class from 2000 miles away. I was able to watch and interact with my students in this version of my Exponential Function Activity: 


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