Geometry Curriculum for the Year

It took me a year and a half to complete my geometry curriculum, but I finally did it. I’m constantly updating and adding to it. I guess you could call it a living and growing curriculum. I’m using the curriculum myself, so I find things I want to update or make better all of the time.

(By the way, don’t forget to look for a special right triangle freebie at the bottom of this post!)

On the main page of my Geometry Curriculum on TpT, you will see every resource in the curriculum. I also sell each one of these resources separately in my store. A third way that I have the curriculum broken down is by units which I also sell in my store.

Why did I feel the need to write this curriculum? Many of my students come to me after taking Geometry over the summer. In my district, students have the opportunity to get ahead in math. If the student does not pass Geometry during the summer, they end up using the exact same curriculum again. They get to keep their book from the summer with all of the work already done. It doesn’t make sense. Also, if you don’t know about, you should check it out. All of the answers to the math book that we use are here! So frustrating! Kids know about this site. You should see if your geometry book is here.

You can find me on Instagram @timefliesedu . I like to show student work in action on my Instagram posts. Check it out if you have time. It will help you get a feel for some of the lessons. To see the curriculum in my TpT store, click the picture below. The picture shows one of my favorite conditional statement activities. As you can see, we do lots of cutting and pasting.

To see each unit, click on the unit picture below:

I really like a hands-on curriculum. I use patty paper, compasses, protractors, tape and scissors on a regular basis. I also like to give Google Form tests as well as activities on Google Slides and Boom Cards.

Many of the activities are discovery lessons. I make sure there is plenty of algebra involved to keep these skills alive for the next math class. If you have any specific questions about this Geometry Curriculum, please leave a comment below, or ask a question in my TpT store.

Here is a freebie from one of my special right triangle lessons. CLICK HERE!

To read more about the units, I’m slowly but surely writing posts about them so teachers have a better understanding of what they contain.

Unit 1 – Diving Into the First Unit of Geometry Headfirst

Unit 2 – Two-Column Proofs and Reasoning

Unit 3 – Parallel Lines, Transversals, Perpendicular Lines

Unit 4 – Transformations

Unit 6 – Quadrilateral Unit


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