Angle Demonstration – Using Patty Paper


Patty paper has so many uses. One of the very first lessons in Geometry is a reminder of the different types of angles along with the definition of an angle. In the top left corner of the picture above, you can see that two rays are drawn on two pieces of patty paper. One ray is called CA and the other ray is called CB. The students can clearly see the definition of angle when you do this. When  you put the two rays together at point C, you’ve created an angle. From here, I get the students to make the different types of angles: right, obtuse, acute and straight. Finally, I get them to tape the acute one in their interactive journal. This is great for all ages and it gets the point across!

This lesson is a part of my Point, Line, Plane lesson that you can find in my store. All my Geometry lessons are in my Geometry Curriculum. You can see both resources below. Check them out!!!

More about Unit 1 – Diving Into the First Unit of Geometry Headfirst!



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