Kindergarten Math – Counting

I’m fascinated with math no matter what level. I love how the brain learns math. Recently my daughter uploaded a new product to her store that I helped her with. We both love Google Apps and she was really interested in counting with Google Sheets. We had a long conversation about young students and their ability to handle Google Classroom material. We decided that a Google counting resource would be perfect for young students to not only work on their basic counting skills but to learn how to maneuver around in a Google Sheets. Since no one knows what school will be like in the future, we all realize that we need to be prepared for all situations. It’s great to have resources that can work in a normal classroom situation, but also be able to use it in a distance learning situation. This resource is engaging and has a few surprises.

My daughter and I are both obsessed with conditional formatting in Google Sheets. As students work through the sheets, boxes turn colors when answers are correct. There are a also a few times when a message appears. How fun is it, to know when you have answered a question correctly? Instant feedback is very rewarding!

See the example below for a before and after picture:

Notice the mistake and how the cell did not turn blue.
After the last answer is typed, there is a message!

The first 4 sheets, walk the student through using the arrow keys, using the delete key, using the undo and redo icons, and more. The rest of the activity is helping students think through counting, what comes next, modeling the numbers and deleting things that don’t belong. If you’d like to see more, go check it out in my daughter’s store. Be sure to click the video preview to see the resource in action.

I hope we get a chance to make more of these activities before school starts. Technology is what it’s all about these days, so hopefully we will have a chance to work on another project together soon!


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