Algebra Christmas Worksheet

Several years ago, I wanted a fun Algebra worksheet that my students could do during December. I created the worksheet and we did it that year and then I changed schools and forgot about the worksheet. A friend of mine at the old school I was at sent me an email: Hey, can you send me that worksheet we did a couple of years ago that had the Christmas tree on it? I had to think for a minute…Where did I save that? I found it and made it even better and sent it to her. I was so glad I found it. As I was looking through the problems, I was thinking about how great this worksheet is right before the semester final. It’s got so much good stuff on it.

The topics covered are:

  • Knowing if a slope of a line is positive or negative.
  • Finding slope and y-intercept from equations and graphs.
  • Finding slope from two points.
  • Using different forms of equations: slope-intercept, point-slope, standard
  • Finding domain and range.
  • Graphing a line from an equation.
  • Writing an equation from a line on a graph.
  • Taking a problem situation and writing an equation, then graphing it.

I’m very pleased with all the material covered and I’m looking forward to this worksheet being a part of my semester final review. Here are a couple of pics from the front and back of the worksheet:

This worksheet comes with an answer key. Click the picture of the product below to go check it out in my store!