Procedures in the Classroom

If you’ve been teaching awhile, you know how important it is to establish procedures in your classroom. It’s better to over do it than not at all! If you are new to teaching, do not assume students know how to get started when they walk into your room. Tell them your expectations. I go through my procedures using a PowerPoint presentation on the first day of school. Here are some of my slides:

Trust me when I tell you that your year will run smoothly if you have procedures in place. I’ve  learned the hard way. Ask fellow teachers that are teaching your same subject and/or grade level. They can help you with procedures. Yes, it takes time at the beginning to get things rolling, but stick with it! You will be so glad you did!

Let me know how your year is going. If you need a discipline plan to follow then you can find one in my TpT store.

Discipline Plan for Secondary Students



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