Different Forms of Numbers

My daughter recently upgraded one of her resources for distance learning. This resource originally had a set of 24 matching cards where the students match a number to the expanded form and to the word form. This is a great activity to see if students understand expanding numbers with decimals and then to see if they know the place values. The resource is called Matching Different Forms of Numbers.

Now she has made this ready for distance learning. She has transformed it into a Google Slides where students will drag and drop to match the various forms.

I love the last question on the Google Slides which is to create the three forms on your own. We love when students have to create. After working 8 different problems, they will be able to follow the examples and create one on their own. I love that.

The matching cards were originally in her Objective 2 5th Grade Math resource. Now the matching cards are separate and can be purchased independently.

Matching cards are fun and use lots of brain power. If you teach elementary math, go check this activity out to see if it is something you would like to add to your curriculum.


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